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DPO Package Deal $1770

Here is the DPO package deal. You get the DPO (Drifta Pull Out) kitchen, the SDSB (Small Drifta Storage Box), and the DSB (Drifta Storage Box). The top of the camper has been lifted up so you can see it all in place.
Once you open the tailgate, or drop it down, you can see the DSB and the SDSB. You'd lift out the SDSB first, to access the kitchen. See how it neatly fills the space in the trailer. You can't do this with plastic tubs.
DPOR Package Deal $1800
Here is the DPOR package deal. You get a DPOR kitchen, full length DSB (drifta storage box) and SDSB (small drifta storage box). Pretty much work the same as the DPO package deal. The SDSB can be lifted out first, then the kitchen can be pulled out and set up.

One of the problems with the swing out kitchen, is it leaves a ‘dead’ space behind it, where it’s hard to access. But with some tailgates, where you can swing it right open 180 degrees, then we can put in a second storage box like shown below.. this makes a great setup, as the storage boxes are always the best way to organise and access your gear.. in this smaller box, you’d keep things you don’t use often, like a chainsaw etc, or things you would get out first when setting up camp, like chairs etc… we can make these two boxes to suit our DSO kitchen, or to suit any tailgate kitchen.. if you have a steel kitchen, then we can put ‘stainless laminate’ on the fronts of these boxes to match

Fridge Box Package Deal – DPO Style Kitchen $2160
This is our new DPO (drifta pull out) style fridge box kitchen. It has an evakool fridge in the back section of the kitchen. This setup shows the new red primus low pressure stove, with our new collapsible red tubs, which makes a really nice package.

It has three drawers, all with push button latches, the handpump and the plastic tubs, and the stove area.. this combination of handpump and tubs, set down into the stove height, is always the most practical of any sink setup on the market.. the sink is in the middle, with lots of benchspace either side, so you can actually use it.. the fridge is still easily accessible, and the evakool 60 ltr is a good size. The ARB 60 is the only other fridge that can be used in this setup. The waeco and engel are just too wide.. also, you need a min height of about 450 mm opening height for this to work.. also, see how the fridge motor has to be at the back of the kitchen. This is important. If it’s a passenger side kitchen, then the motor needs to be reversed (because of the way the lid hinges on the fridge) Evakool can alter this for us, at no extra cost, also they can cut the lid down in height slightly, allowing for a lower height trailer..

We can also put the return on the fridge box kitchen, for the same price.

Fridge Box Package Deal – DPO Style Kitchen with Smev appliances  $2620

We can also enclose the fridge space and extend the bench top and add a cupboard in place at no extra cost.

With all these packages they can be customized to suit your needs.
Note: Prices does not include fridge or cooker
Evakool Fridge $1100